Showtime Trivia - Questions from Lost I Still Want Answered
The Series is Over, but You Still Have Some 'Splainin to Do
For me personally I enjoyed the Finale. It was time for Lost to wrap things up, and they certainly did that. It was a very emotional Finale (just not a very smart one) and we do have a sense of closure of sorts. However, since I invested six years of my life in this show there are some answers I would like to get that I feel the Lost people owe us. Don't give me that the show was "all about the characters". That's a total crock. So here are MY questions I would like answered. You may have other questions but this is my list.

1. So...what exactly IS The Island?
It's a cork in a bottle? That's the analogy you are going to give me and expect that to be good enough. Really? How many corks do you know jump in time to avoid detection, have the ability to heal broken spines and cancer, and house a creepy yellow light that can't go out. For many seasons we were led to believe that the Island was a character itself, an amorphous entity of it's own right with it's own agenda. Help me out on this one.

2. Remember that whole baby dying thing?
Is it me, or does everyone just not talk about that whole storyline anymore? Ok, I'll be the bold one and ask: why? Why were women getting pregnant then dying at the start of the third trimester. What was up with that? I have seen every episode of Lost, and no where did they give any sort of explanation about that. Ever.

3. Jacob the Island Guardian. What exactly were his powers?
Well, to me they really waffled on this one. We know that he could grant eternal life (where you couldn't age or kill yourself) and that he left the Island all the freaking time to go collect Candidates. He also decided to not show himself. Ever. Until the near end. He also could make "the rules" that people just seemed to break left and right. Did Jack and then Hurley get those same powers? I want to know!

4. What Up With the Cabin?
Wow what a big deal was made out of this place. A creepy cabin in the woods surrounded by ash that everyone thought was Jacob inside and you couldn't use electronics in the cabin and remember how everyone thought they saw John Locke's images as a ghost when that entity inside freaked out. Who was in the cabin, how did they get "trapped" there, and who let them free by moving the ash? Does the cabin have any signifance at all? Boooo on not going further on this.

5. Who shot at Sawyer and Kate & co. while paddling in the boat during all the flashes?
They were paddling on the ocean, FLASH! it's raining hard, suddenly a boat appears behind them and starts to shoot at them. They are saved by another FLASH! and the boat no longer behind them. The writers REALLY dropped the ball on not tying this back in somehow. That would have been awesome.

6. Any reason why people turned the wheel and were sent to the middle east?
The whole wheel thing in of itself gets me. Who ended up putting it on the island and how did they know what it would do? We are assuming the Dharma Red Herrings put the wheel on there, but....

6. What the HELL was the point of exploding the nuke. Seriously?
Ok, so the bomb goes off in 1974 (or whatever year that was) and then the Lost group is sent back to 2007. Then, the Sideways world was "created" as a result of the bomb going off. (Remember Juliet saying "it worked!") But according to the Finale this was all very contradictory. The "Sideways" world was a purgatory of sorts, therefore what would the bomb have to do with that? Seriously, the bomb going off made no sense at all in regards to the Sideways world. If the point of the bomb was to send the characters back to the future (heh) then that doesn't make sense either. Jughead, you are really vexxing.

7. Characters We Spent Time On But Ended Up Going Nowhere
Walt. We were led to believe he was very special.

Aaron. Go back and watch the early seasons. You got the sense that Aaron was going to be much more important than he turned out to be.

Mr. Ecko. Loved him on the show, hated the way he went out. His episodes ended up just being a huge waste.

Vincent. We finally saw him at the end of the show, but a great twist would have had Vincent being the mastermind behind it all. Now THAT would have pissed a bunch of people off. That would have been awesome.

Other Quick Hit Questions:
- Who did Walt piss off to get removed from the show like that? Wow.
- Why did you even bother with the Others, the Other Others, and Dharmaville? All those storylines became useless by the end.
- For that matter, pushing the button was a waste too. That whole storyline. Think about it, what really happened when the button was stopped being pushed and the electromagnetic force was released. Anything? Other than Penny's flunkies seeing the blip on their radar? THAT'S why they pushed the button? Feh
- Sayid's soulmate was...Shannon? Really? Weren't they together for like a day or two? Man she must have been great in bed...

Here is the ultimate question I would love for the main Lost guys to answer:
Admit it, you guys totally just made all this crap up as you went. Smokey was NOT MIB in the first few seasons, the Oceanic Six were NOT originally "candidates", and you had no freakin clue who the two cave skeletons were going to be until the last season. Admit it, please.

Hi there. I am creepy, special, and...forgotten quickly.

Did Jacob hang a sign up on the island "Back in 5 Mins" when he left to collect candidates?

So spinning this wheel sends me where...?