Welcome to the Phoenix Emporium Page!! We play trivia every MONDAY NIGHT at 7:30pm!

Please note: the Monday night show at Phoenix Emporium RETURNS on Monday, February 6 @ 7:30pm!!

All scores will be transferred from Glory Days Ellicott City.

We are thrilled to be back at the Phoenix!!

Season 49 Notes:

1.) Season 49 will be a FIFTEEN week tournament starting May 1, 2017.

2.) Season 49 Championship will be at two locations simultaneously!

3.) House Champions for each location earn the AUTOPASS to the Season 49 Championship Game!

4.) Season 49 will feature BEER/APPETIZER ROUNDS at participating locations! Your team will have a chance to earn a round of beer on us (or desserts or appetizers as substitutes)

5.) Season 49 will feature 2nd Chance Sunday with Music Bingo!!
Season 49 Week 15 *FINAL*