Granma Dave
Name: "granma" Dave Schein II
Location: Mick O'Sheas, Tuesdays 8:30pm
Joe Squared, Wednesdays 8pm
Ropewalk Tavern, Thursdays 8pm
Hosting Experience: pre-conception
Favorite Movie: "Better than Chocolate," "Alien," and “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”
Favorite Food: your mom... okay... chocolate and/ or vodka... not always at different times. OH MAN- sorbet with chocolate flakes and vodka drizzled... good times, there. I am also a sucker for a Van Gogh Double-Espresso Vodka Chocolate Martini
Favorite Music: post-alternative, punk-influenced, well-written rock
Favorite Sports Team: Um... sports? Like, Huey Lewis? How 'bout the Baltimore Poetry Slam Team!!? –
What are you afraid of? spiders and the death of a child… but I’m getting better about spiders.
Reason for hosting: because I'm awesome and so are you
Day Job: I am a teacher at a very cool school in Baltimore County. I might also be a superhero. Still waiting for results from the tests on that one.
Tell Us a Funny Story: um... my stories are too long, but I'll let you know I am pretty well obsessed with Volvos™. I drive a '98 V70 named Madge. She had 143k when I got her in November of ‘06. As of January ’08, she has 213,000 miles and she’s still going strong. I used to drive an '86 240DL Sedan, but the motor blew at 251,110.
What advice would you give teams? trivia isn't trivial... but lighten up, enjoy yourselves, and buy me drinks.
So this is a really old pic of Dave. His hair is much shorter now he just won't send me a new pic.