Name: Nicole aka Nikki
Favorite Food: Sushi or Mexican
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
TV Shows I like to watch: Sex & the City, Flight of the Conchords
Favorite Music: Rock & Reggae
Day Job: Hostess...soon to be elementary teacher
Favorite part of filming the commercial: The guys tons of fun to work with. Dave is crazy
Role with Showtime Trivia: Scorekeeper
Share a funny and/or embarrassing story about yourself: Oh gosh, there are way too many. Let's see...I have trouble staying on my feet, especially during field hockey games. In our last game I managed to fall a total of 8 times! And just yesterday I fell up the stairs on my way to class. Shoes fell off, books went flying and all. Hey, if you're gonna fall, you might as well go all out ;-)
Someone who inspires you, or you really look up to: My stepmother, Daisy, and anyone else living with and battling breast cancer
The outtakes for Nicole were hysterical.