Wild Man Zack
Name: Zack Deal
Location: Bill Batemans, Hanover PA
Hosting Experience: Hosting since April 2007
Favorite Movie: Old School/Braveheart
Favorite Food: Steamed Crabs
Favorite Music: Eclectic but recently Acoustic/Indie Rock
Favorite Sports Team: Bal'more Hun (Go Ravens!)
What are you afraid of? claustrophobic
Reason for hosting: Love interacting with people, and hearing my own voice
Day Job: Operations Manager for Tweeter in Owings Mills, MD
Tell Us a Funny Story: This one time at band camp...kidding. My humor is unique, however in relevance I have to tell the "call him a douche bag story". When my group of friends starting playing trivia on Wednesday nights at Timeout with Brian, it was always just a good time and a reason to drink during the week. One week one of my friends(I will spare him the shame), was a little belligerent and decided he didn't agree with an answer. So in a not so quiet way he yelled in my ear "call him a douche bag!". Of course Brian heard this and without hesitation announced to the room "why yes...I am a douche bag." Thus my first comical experience with Brian and the beginning of this job.
What advice would you give teams? Bring smart friends.
Trivia Host Big Pimpin'