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Season 51 Notes:

1.) Season 51 will be a TWELVE week tournament starting January 8, 2018.

2.) Season 51 Championship will be at two locations simultaneously!

3.) House Champions for each location earn the AUTOPASS to the Season 51 Championship Game!

4.) Season 51 will feature BEER/APPETIZER ROUNDS at participating locations! Your team will have a chance to earn a round of beer on us (or desserts or appetizers as substitutes)

5.) Season 51 will feature 2nd Chance Saturday and other surprises!!
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Weekly Calendar for Mon Jan 22 2017 through Thurs Jan 25 Season 51 Week 3
Mon Jan 22Belisimo's - Finksburg7:30pmWest
Mon Jan 22Deerpark Tavern8:30pmDE
Mon Jan 22Five and Dime Alehouse *NEW TIME*7:30pmDowntown
Mon Jan 22Greek Village Bel Air7pmNorth
Mon Jan 22Magerk's Fed Hill7:30pmDowntown
Mon Jan 22Phoenix Emporium7:30pmWest
Mon Jan 22The Sherwood Inn7pmPA
Mon Jan 22World of Beer McHenry Row7:30pmDowntown
Tues Jan 23Bill Bateman's - Parkville8pmNorth
Tues Jan 23Collusion Tap Works7pmPA
Tues Jan 23Fraziers8pmCentral
Tues Jan 23Glory Days Grill8pmWest
Tues Jan 23Greene Turtle Germantown7pmSouth
Tues Jan 23Greene Turtle - Whitemarsh7:30pmNorth
Tues Jan 23Looneys - Bel Air7:30pmNorth
Tues Jan 23Pappas Sports Bar & Grill11pmNorth
Tues Jan 23Silver Spring Mining Company7:30pmNorth
Tues Jan 23World of Beer Towson7:30pmNorth
Weds Jan 24Applebees Germantown8pmSouth
Weds Jan 24Bill Bateman's - Towson7:30pmCentral
Weds Jan 24Federal Taphouse PA *NEW*7pmPA
Weds Jan 24Holy Hound York PA8pmPA
Weds Jan 24Main Street Tower - Bel Air7pmNorth
Weds Jan 24Maryland Mallet7pmNorth
Weds Jan 24Mother's Grille North8pmNorth
Weds Jan 24Oscar's Alehouse7:30pmWest
Weds Jan 24Otto Bar - Baltimore7pmCentral
Weds Jan 24Riverwatch Marina7pmNorth
Weds Jan 24Something Wicked Brewing7pmPA
Weds Jan 24The Vault Pizza & Grill7:30pmPA
Weds Jan 24Woodside Deli7pmSouth
Thurs Jan 25Altland House - Hanover, PA7pmPA
Thurs Jan 25Bill Bateman's - Reisterstown8pmWest
Thurs Jan 25Greene Turtle Westminster7:30pmWest
Thurs Jan 25McGlynn's - Dover9pmDE
Thurs Jan 25McGlynn's - Pike Creek9pmDE
Thurs Jan 25Primanti Bros York PA7pmPA
Thurs Jan 25The Birdcage6:30pmNorth
Thurs Jan 25Wit's End at
Magoobys Joke House
Top Ten Scores for Season 51 Week 2 FINAL Results
Here are the teams with the highest season scores for Season 51
Scores updated every Friday 10am for the previous week

Season 50 Championship Game Results!!
50 Seasons are now in the book! What a very exciting Championship Game! First of all both locations were PACKED! My goodness! Eleven years later we had one of the best Championships we have EVER had! Very close scores all the way through and one team came from the middle of the pack to claim the big prize and win it all! I still have goosebumps!

Here are the top three teams for Reisterstown Batemans:

1st Place: Habitual Linesteppers $500 WINNERS. This is truly a team that came out of nowhere to win it all. They were in the top 10 at the end of the first half and the top 5 going into the final question but no one really considered them a threat. They had a few teams ahead of them that had been having great games but lo and behold magic! They nailed that final question and only a few teams got the question right so they found themselves at the top of the mountain when the dust settled. Not bad for a two man team at all! Well done guys enjoy that $500 each!!

2nd Place: Relentless $250 Winners I will say I am very pleased that Relentless won 2nd place tonight. As a rule I don't root for teams one way or another but these folks have been play trivia with us for so long and they (to be honest) have not finished in the money yet. Well that changed tonight as they fought and clawed their way to 2nd place and earned that $250 in cash. Congrats to Relentless and maybe next season they can win it all?

3rd Place: What About Bob? $100 Winners The third place team is also a sentimental favorite of mine. What About Bob? has been playing trivia for a long, long time and I do believe this is the first time they have finished in the money. I am pretty sure that's the case. They actually had a horrible start to the game and I figured it was going to be another "hey thanks for coming out" type game for them. Nope, they proved me wrong! Well done Bob and company I have no doubt that $100 will NOT be spent wisely!!

Over at the Parkville Batemans we had:
1st Place: Rectum ($500)
2nd Place: Pirate Ninjas ($250)
3rd Place: Your Not My Coal Miner Supervisor ($100)

Well done to all those teams that won money today!! Very well done indeed!

Week 2 of Season 51 starts Monday Jan 15!! Are you ready for some DISNEY in Season 51??